Single dose of green tea extract decreases lipid digestion and absorption from a test meal in humans

Background & Aims: Green tea is known worldwide for
its high content of polyphenolic compounds and multifactorial
beneficial effects on human health. The role of
green tea as an inhibitor of lipid hydrolysis is widely discussed.
The aim of the study was to assess the influence
of green tea extract on lipid digestion and absorption.
Methods: The study comprised 32 healthy volunteers
aged 23 to 30 years with normal exocrine pancreatic
function. In all subjects 13C-labelled mixed triglyceride
breath test was performed twice with and without green
tea extract ingestion. Cumulative percentage dose recovery
was considered to reflect digestion and absorption
of lipids. Values are expressed as medians and 1st-3rd
quartile distribution. Results: In all subjects, cumulative
percentage dose recovery values were normal in a placebo
test (36.8% <30.1–43.3%>). These results were significantly
higher (p=0.021) than those obtained in green tea
extract test (28.8% <23.1–37.2%>). Results of six tests
with GTE were abnormal. Conclusions: Single dose of
green tea extract taken with a test me

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